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Business mock help

anyone advice on how best to study husiness to get a H1 ??

I'm guessing that your a 6th year preparing for your mocks, I'm the same. Best way especially on mocks and if you feel like your running low on time would be study the chapters that are related to the ABQ so for my year this would be Units 3-4-5 but alongside this you would need a relavitvely good understanding of units one and two because they essentially come up every year!
Breffni Conaty
Get your exam structure right. State, Explain, Example. Focus all your study on being able to apply any knowledge in this format i.e. for each point you make can you give two pieces of information along with an example.
I would suggest this book, really helped me and it is free: https://jackk5877.wixsite.com/freeaccess2education/post/leaving-cert-drive
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