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In TY and need help picking subjects

So I've been struggling to figure out what I want to do in life nevermind LC subjects. I'm trying to keep as many courses open as I can for courses such as Medicine or Arts. I'm obviusly keeping up German as my language as well as Biology as I was good at it and enjoyed it at JC. The question is between: 1.Chemistry 2.Geography 3.Music 4.Business ...in no paticular order. I'm interested in Chemistry and the topics but I'm afraid I wont be very good at it. With Geography I got great grades and I am interested in it but I've heard horror stories of it beingh too hard. Music I studied at JC and found it a bit boring in parts but I compose in my spare time and (because I play trad) I know I'll get the full marks for the practival. With Business I'm good at learnin g big chunks of information but I'm afraid of using that slot instead of using it for a subject required for a course. I'm trying to keep courses open and that would mean picking Chemistry and of the above but I'd like to enjoy my education also. I'm scared I wont be happy with what I'm doing for the rest of my secondry education as I actually do enjoy school and would like to keep it that way, Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Ben bislin
I do geography and business and both are extremely managable courses to do well in, but difficult for the H1. People do get them but for any H1 your gonna have to be on the ball from 5th year. If medicine is realistic for points and you think youd enjoy it then no point in limiting yourself. You can always try switch or study a subject outside of school if you really hate a subject.
I do chemistry and it's by far my favourite subject. It's very interesting and once you get your head around the key concepts it's not too difficult. It's important to note that there is an emphasis on understanding rather than memorisation.
I do chemistry and really enojy it, it can be quite difficult at times but as long as you put in the wokr and stay on top of things from 5th year there is absolutely no reason why you couldn't do very well in it. If you think Medicine is something you would like then you should definetely take Chemistry, and even if you change your mind down the line and decide not to do Medicine then it is still a very interesting subject. On a side note, if you are serious about medicine it might help you to start looking into the hpath and studying sooner rather than later as you will be very busy in 6th year and may wish you had started sooner. I hope this helps :)
if I were you Id definitely do Chemistry! Its going to open a lot of your options and yes it is supposed to be difficult at times but if you work hard, Ive been told itll be worth it!
i mean if you want to do medicine you need at least two science subjects. but regarding how hard these subjects are chemistry is very hard no one can say its not unless theyre some genius it requires a lot if hard work and a huge chunk of your time. business is honestly a great subject in the sense that a lot of it is common knowledge its easy and you can very easily get a H1 same goes for geography its pretty easy. I was interested in chemistry while in the jc i chose it and i absoloutly hate it its really hard and a lot of people do drop it by christmas and switch classes.
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