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Last Minute Advice
JimTyler Leaving Cert Business — 16/06/16 5

Hoping for the A1 but haven't started studying yet. Have 30 minutes spare any advice on what I should do?

jros23 — 15/06/16
Bronze Age, Stone Age and one object from Iron Age section 1, Impressionists, Surrealism, Post-Impressionism section 2, and whatever your school did for section 3!! (we did the gallery q)
Bengee — 15/06/16
Photosynthesis never came up last year so definitely give it a look
jros23 — 15/06/16
oh god im so sorry i thought this was for art history (it's on tomorrow too)
JimTyler — 16/06/16
Thanks guys! Think I have the A1 in the bag due to these incredible tips!!!
Nestaa — 16/06/16
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