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im choosing my lc subjects right now, idk if i should pick all 3 business related subjects, accounting, business and economics, am i being crazy?

choose 1 of them. 2 at most
I am currently doing all three. Business and ecomics are pretty easy and have a lot of similarites if your brained is wired that way. Accounting is the most challenging of the three, however once you understand principals and reasoning its possible to do very well in it. I would not change them for anything looking back.
If you stuggle at basics maths eg basic(adding subraction, pertages, mulitpaction and divsion) do not pick accouting
i might've done all three if my school did accounting tbh. I do Economics and Business so i can only speak for these 2 alone. Business doesn't help economics much, but economics really helps business. Economics is probably the harder of the two, as it has a project worth 20% in 6th year, and also the questions are nowhere near as predictable as the business ones. The Economics course is really new (first exam was in 2021) so there isnt a huge amount of past papers to study from yet. There are sample papers, but they have no marking schemes, rendering them almost useless. Economics will really help you when you get to the economics chapters in Business, but honestly you dont reaaalllyyy need economics to understand those, it'll just give you a head start. Honestly, i'd recommend leaving out economics, if you want to have more predictable subjects with easier H1s. I highly recommend business as it's really easy, just memorising loads of info without anything overly complicated. If you're like me and prefer an exam to be a memory test, instead of something where you need to think, you'll find business to be the easiest thing on earth. Economics requires both memorisation and thinking though.
Absolutely not
You are putting all your eggs in one basket there. What if you decide next year you don't want to work in Business? That you would rather pursue humanities or science? Just be careful - keep your options open :)
i do all three and im so glad i did. Theres a lot of overlap in the content especially with business and economics which really helps out. Business and economics are also relatively easy in comparison to other subjects. Accounting isnt necessarily hard it just requires a bit more effort but it is the most predictable of the three in regards to the actual leaving cert exam and its also very repetitive so if you practice and learn off a few past paper questions on each topic your basically sorted. Id say if you did like business for the leaving cert and definetly dont want to go into a science related course you should go for it
Sophie Moran
im doing business in college next year (hopefully) and i love all business related topics. IMO even as a businessy person- three businesses is too much. do one - 2 at most :)
I'm doing both business and economics and honestly its been one of the best decisions I've ever made. if yoy enjoy those types of subjects, go for it. I wouold only pick two of them at most though.
Business as accounting is also taught in it but is less advanced than the accounting subjects
I do accounting and business and wish I chose economics too as I want to do a general business course next year, accounting is quite tough but I enjoy it however its a lot of learning layouts off by heart and ratios etc
i do 2 atm. The subjects are not difficult but are extremely boring imo .
Not that I know anything about business, but i chose to do Phys, Chem and Bio for the lc. All my friends were saying "your putting all your eggs in one basket", but as my guidnace counsellor said, they are just another 3 subjects, and i haven't looked back since! If you think that they suit you the best then go for it, at the end of the day its your leaving cert.
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