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Would u recommend doing 3 business subjects in lc

would u recommend doing 3 buisness subjects ?? im fairly set on doing buisness in collage so i wont need a scince. ill be taking spanish too but am aiming for high points. I found jc buisness very easy and wouldve understanded it quite easily. whats yer opinions ?

Hey, i think i got some advice for you. I do Accounting and Business and currently am in 5th year. Business has been very till now, but there is a lot to learn. It is also a very useful subject, so do study it. On the other hand, my experiences with Accounting have been fairly mixed. Some topics i understand very easily, others not as easily. My accounting teacher emphasizes that to do well in accoutning, you need to keep doing many past paper questions. So be ready to spend A LOT of hours doing past paper questions to ge good at it. (But wehn you get an accounting question correct the satisfaction cannot be put into words, at least for me). I dont do economics, but i have heard that its not as challenging as Accounting. If i were to rank the subjects by Difficulty: 1. Accounting (Most challenging) 2. Business 3. Economics hope this helped!
*Business has been easy
Emma mcaleenan
Hi, I do all three business subjects in school. There is some overlap between subjects but not much. Accounting is far more challenging then the other two and economics has a project which was quite tricky. Business there is alot to learn but quite an easy subject. I love all three and I am planning to do a business course in college. I hope this has helped and if you have any more questions regarding any of the three subjects just ask. I am in 6th year btw.
Business - Lots of info, not difficult to learn or understand, very time-consuming if you want a H1. Accounting - Few things to learn, very exam-focused, you likely won't even use the book, H2 is almost guaranteed for anyone who has studied as you only get punished once for a wrong figure, only issue is the exam is itself can be tight on time. Economics - Would advise to avoid, introduced a project and new course to be examined for the first time this year (2021). very little guidance was given on project which left students and teachers guessing what the SEC wanted. Exam is unforgiving as you have to answer 8/8 short questions (which are not short whatsoever) and 4/5 long questions in 2 hours and 30 mins, as opposed to Business where you have to answer 8/10 short questions (tick the box, match number to letter etc.) and 4/7 long questions in 3 hours. Overlap: Economics and business have a good bit of overlap, although it must be said that studying economics will benefit you studying business but not vice versa. Accounting and business have overlap in the accounting ratios, which is covered in much more depth in accounting as you would imagine. This is my opinion, LC student.
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