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Chemistry Notes Group
beckycarter1000 Leaving Cert Chemistry — 27/01/18 5

Hey guys so I am starting a group on instagram where people can join and then we can all share notes, tips and questions to help eachother out. Only a certain amount will be added as we dont want it to turn into a massive group with hundreds of messages. If you want to join follow me on instagram (beckyy.carter) and send me a message so I can add you!!

SAKHO — 21/11/17
Will there be nudes?
Awashabouh — 12/12/17
I followed you now
josephstalin — 13/12/17
workers of the world unite
AliSyed — 18/01/18
can you add me please, snapchat- ali_syed67 insta- theali_syed
— 27/01/18
Add Mocks_2018 on snapchat for access to 2018 mocks and previous mock papers with marking schemes on all subjects. (JC/LC/LCA)
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