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Lia17 Leaving Cert Chemistry — 31/12/17 4

chemistry is my worst subject and i really want to improve in it so do u guys think i should but online notes like the ones from 625points or examlearn OR should i go to grinds in the Dublin School of grinds. please help me thank youuu

Lia17 — 30/12/17
theleaving2000 — 30/12/17
I would personally recommend examlearn, as their notes are really good. There is also a book called chemistry essentials unfolded- this book is very good for experiments and for brief summaries of the most important points in every chapter. I also have a few notes on the different chemistry chapters, if u need any notes for a specific chapter.
Lia17 — 31/12/17
thank you for ur help. can i please have any notes on stoichiometry if u have any. thank you liabrown177@gmail.com
Solar Obsession — 31/12/17
Might I also recommend a little book called Revise Chemistry Live, it's written by Declan Kennedy and is in my personal opinion the best revision book out there. Is there any particular topic that you are having trouble with? I've seen some good notes on here if you have a look.
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