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H1 Notes
Benkelly Leaving Cert Chemistry — 04/01/18 0

I completed my Leaving Certificate in 2017 and became one of only thirteen students in the country to obtain 8 H1 grades. In order to achieve this I created my own set of concise and exam-focused notes for many of my subjects and now plan on passing these notes on. The subjects for which these notes are available include: History Chemistry Irish French English I achieved a H1 grade in all of these subjects through the use of my own handmade notes which are now up for sale, offering students a chance to achieve similar grades. I also achieved H1 grades in maths and Applied Maths and I am also a Naughton scholar. I am more than willing to provide proof of my results should anyone wish to enquire. For prices or more information please contact me at benkelly6359@gmail.com

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