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Studying Construction

Im having difficulties witht the theory for cojnstruction. does anyone have any tips for studying this subject? or does anyone have any notes they could send to me to help me study? Any help would be much apprieciated!

A little bit of self-promotion but you might like this: https://h1notes.com/product/construction-studies-notes-minimised
Aoife R
Aoife R
I think the best thing is to study from exam questions. A lot of them are repeating things from previous years and if your book is anything like mine it isn't always useful. You could try making mindmaps for the different chapters by looking back through the questions, that way all the relevant information is in one place. I find it helps me. Another thing that helps is practicing your sketches beforehand so you are quicker on the day as sometimes what you forget to write down can be explained in your sketch.
learn how to draw an entire house from top to bottom best practice and learn the basic principles of passive design
Yeah I agree. Passive design and why and where to build a house, that kind of thing. Which way should the house face, is it near shops, is there trees to soften the visual impact. You can kind of waffle with a lot of it. And then it's no harm to know a type of window, a type of insulation, and how to do the U-Values question!! Every year, nearly the exact same thing! You need to know how to get the U-Value, sometimes the heat loss annually, and then sometimes a new thickness for a material. You could also be asked how to improve the theremal properties of the wall. Its as simple as foil-backed insulation with plaster dabs stuck onto the wall. Already with 2 drawings and a U-Value you are 60% done the written.
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