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I am currently in third year and am aspiring to be a biomedical scientist, i know i will need Biology and Chemistry but i am not sure if picking DCG as my fourth subject is a good choice. I have French as my thired subject and am thinking of doing accounting or business instead of DCG. Help Pls.

i do biology accounting dcg and french. i find that accounting is definately harder that dcg. if you like tg for junior cert and if your good at it youll have no problem with dcg. with dcg the project is worth 40% and the drawing exam is 60%. i find that its a relaxing subject as its very practical and you dont have to learn things off by heart. easy to get high marks. accounting is a lot of varied accounts and there is some theory. i 5th year you will feel lost but in 6th year it all comes together. i would only recommend you to take up accounting for lc if you understand how the double entry system in junior cert works as it will help your to understand accounting concepts more easily. higher level is chanllenging yet rewarding if you putin the work. its very easy to excel highly in ordinary level.
DCG is a very handy subject as it requires very little revision and there is potential to do really well. I do business aswel and i find it easy to undertsand but hard to get high marks in, it requires A LOT of time to study and you basically need to be completely dedicated and love studying if your going to do it. I would definitely pick DCG over business as it will give you more time to focus on Chemistry and Biology which require a good bit of revsion.
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