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Help please
FailingThePres Leaving Cert Economics — 19/06/16 5

I've never done economics in my life, but I'm teaching myself the course for Wednesday,wondering if there's any tips on what I should cover? And is it ok to just focus on macro and know like the definitions and explanations for micro? Thanks

JimTyler — 18/06/16
FailingThePres — 18/06/16
Gr8 help cheers
Phteven — 18/06/16
Eh if you're not aiming for a B3 or higher my advice would be cram the sh*t out of macro and do every short question in the exam papers and use marking schemes to help. Good luck you sound a bit F****d though
FailingThePres — 18/06/16
Ok thanks! Be granddddd
Yoshmyster96 — 19/06/16
Learn short questions, supply,demand. Easticity and international trade. That'll get you through
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