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just micro??

can i just learn micro, (and the macro short qs) and still be covered for the exam

Short answer: no Long answer: Wouln't recommend it. If you look at your exam papers you'll see that such a strategy could have worked in the likes of 2019 or 2018. However, it does happen often where only the first three questions are micro questions and the rest are macro. To really "cover yourself" you'd know the entire syllabus off. If you want to really narrow down what you have to learn though, just make sure you know the micro section like the back of your hand as well as a few macro sections that come up often (e.g. National Income related question). Disclaimer: I'm just a lad on the internet so take what is said with a bucket of salt.
Nope, not possible you will be hit twice both in the long questions and the short questions. Marking Schemes are your bibles.
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