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Should I do economics

i didnt study business for my jc but i find it interesting and i much rather do it than say history

You don't need business for economics but it's not an easy subject
I didn't do Business for Junior Cert and I really enjoy it! I'd recommend taking a look at the textbook if you can find it online/from a friend. The course is really based on application of concepts as well as just rote learning, but once you get the hang of it it's very manageable! I'd say if you're interested go for it!
do it! economics is honestly a really good subject and since you have an interest in it, it will make it so much better. its an easy going suject and you can easily make it your H1/H2 subject
I wouldnt reccomned it. Looks easy until you realise you need to know about the economy as a whole and not just the curriculum.
im bad at math. can i do economics
the maths in it is easy enuf so u shud be grand
don't do it.
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