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Should I do LC Economics

I'm really interested in doing something business related for my career choice. I'm in 5th year right now & I'm doing busines (I used to do accounting too but dropped out because I am so bad with numbers) There's a 1 year grind course I can do next year. Was wondering if there is too much practical work on the course and is it easier than business etc.

Not sure what you mean by practical work in terms of project work or stuff, it's very theory based, like business, but it's more conceptually based than definitions based if compared to business, if you can grasp the concepts in economics, I would say it's easier than business as you can get away with less rote learning, but people who dont come to understand economics concepts will have to do a lot of rote learning. To figure out if it would be an option for you, try looking at videos on youtube explaining demand and supply, which are big topics on the course, and see if you can grasp the concept....
Like BSFHolmes said, the course is largely theoretical. This is handy in some ways because a lot of, for example, microeconomics can be learned without necessarily learning off definitions. If you can understand the subject and graphs you can write down a definition just as good as the book would give you. I'd recommend you look at Crash Course Economics on youtube and see if you find the topics interesting. I personally like the subject but I know a lot of people who went in expecting something, and ended up disinterested
I'm in 6th year rn and will be the first year to sit the new paper this year. The previous course was very rote learning based imo and the exam was quite predictable. However the new course and the exam Qs require more understanding I think, and applying what you have learned to real world scenarios. This is on top of the Research Project which is worth 20% and is only about 1500 words but you need to be clear and specific about relating what you have found in your research to the economic concepts and sustainable developement (such as the UN SDGs). This part is the trickiest part of the RP but fine once you get it down. The rest of the RP is grand. Other than that, as is said above, there is some rote learning but less so if you understand the concepts well (Particularly in the microeconomics side ie. supply, demand, sustainability, elasticity, costs, gov intervention). Overall I think the course is quite manageable. www.thebusinessguys.ie has some helpful and concise notes on all topics.
don't do economics
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