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should I pick economics

hi, guys, I have to pick my subjects soon and I was thinking of picking economics. I heard that it's a one-year course. Does anyone know if this is true? thanks

I do economics for the leaving cert, It's easy enough but you'd have to have an interest in a business to fully enjoy the course Because it is kinda repeative. In my school its a 2 year course so Idk if its the same in every school
It technically can be a one year course but of course no school would do that. I find it enjoyable and I have no interest in business. I think along with Home Ec it's one of the most valuable leaving cert subjects. It teaches so much about society and how the government works. I would highly recommend it.
It's a two year course yeah, but the coursework itself is actually pretty short so you should have time to revise it over a second time if you have a decent teacher. If you're interested in taking it I'd watch some of the Crash Course economics videos, they cover topics that come up in the course
There's definitely less content than subjects like chem/bio/geog where the courses are packed until the very end, but that means you have to know the content in detail. You definitely need an interest in business/politics/how governments run. Most of it makes logical sense since there are a lot of real life examples but I wouldn't call it an easy subject.
no awful subject don't do it
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