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King Lear Character Question Predictions?
Ultimuted Leaving Cert English — 04/06/18 14

Anyone have any predictions on the character question?

_Emma27 — 06/06/16
appearance vs reality in characters
colleenwf — 06/06/16
Cordelia and the fool Or even a question on Lear himself
Ultimuted — 06/06/16
Thank you both! :)
jordanpalmer12 — 06/06/16
I'm thinking Lear as the tragic hero could come up, or possibly good vs evil in the play
Joanne748 — 30/05/18
Hey do u have any king lear predictions 2018?
isonemma — 02/06/18
Edgar and Edmund or Kent/Cordelia/The Fool and their dramatic functions.
Jeffin3187 — 02/06/18
Joanne748 — 02/06/18
Wat about imagery and symbolism is that a possibility?
DeniseODonnell — 03/06/18
I went to an Easter Revision class and the teacher predicted the whole paper, and he's been pretty spot on for the past few years. For the King Lear Q he said a Q on Lears Character could come up and the other choice in the Q would be about filial ingratitude. Obviously it isnt guarenteed but I hope this helps :)
rachelstudy2018 — 03/06/18
roveagh — 03/06/18
foolishness, familial conflict, sight and blindness
ryanocasey123 — 03/06/18
If the Q was based around Cordelia and The Fool,what is the mostly likely type of Q,Their similarities hroughout possibly?
whatsername — 04/06/18
probably their dramatic functions ^
AaronP47 — 04/06/18
Make sure to Revise Kent... He could show up
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