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My HL English leaving cert teacher bullies me

My English Teacher constantly bullies my class into making us think that we are not capable of doing higher level and took his chances to drop us down to ordinary by making us fail English in the 5th year summer exam when i know myself i should earn a higher grade for my test. Can i still do higher level as it is my choice. I cant drop down as I already do 2 ordinary subjects

yes you can still do higher. nothing or nobody can make you change levels, a bad teacher just means you have more work to do yourself, but the can't make you do ordinary level :)
thats true, it is your decision to choose what level u wish to do. The only a teacher can do is advise you to do ordianry or higher level
do the level that makes you happy and stay positive
youre gl cant lie
Cat Martin
The superintendent in your exam centre has extra exam papers for all levels, so you can either drop down or jump up to another level. You don't need permission from anyone (teacher, principal, etc). All you need to do is ask the superintendent to change levels when they're handing out the papers.
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