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Poets 2019

Is 4 poets safe enough to learn? Plath, Hopkins, Yeats and Bishop

yeah i think i would do heaney instead of bishop though because bishop came up in 2017
I did Ni Chuilleanain and find her quite difficult, so i presume she is pointless in learning?
she came up in the 2018 exam, somi wouldn’t do her
will i be safe learning just Plath, Heaney and Bishop or should i add anotyer or replace one with Ní Chuilleanáin
I dont think Ni Chuilleanain will come up as shes on the 2020 course. If she does come up this year then they wont study her for 2020. I dont think theyd make it this predictable :)
I am banking on Kennelly to come up, his first year on LC course. Looks likely
i'd consider studying granger,sins,rhodes and ames
I agree with the person above, would definitely consider studying them.
Shaun Kennedy
The 3 poets guaranteed on our leaving cert paper is - Hopkins, Plath, Heaney & then one from W.B Yeats/Lawrence
Hopkins 100% because he is such a complex poet, yet examiners love students who will take a stab at him. Heaney has NOT come up at all yet (big red flag!!) and Plath/Bishop for the female poet. Ní Chuilleanain came up last year, is on the course this year and is on the 2020 course, so I really cannot see her coming up at all this year. Yeats is a lovely and strong Irish poet, like Heaney and would be good to have as a back up. Hope this helps!
Im learning Plath, Heaney, Kennelly, Bishop
hopkins, heany, bishop and Plath are very very likely! However, I would not do Plath because she is v popular and will be chosen by many students, meaning if you choose her you may be marked harder.
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