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LC French Orals Notes

For 5th and 6th Year students, the oral section is often the most-feared. This is perhaps understandable as 10-12 minutes determines 25% of the exam and you must consider countless topics what you could be asked. h1french.com offers a complete set of notes covering the broad range of topics you will be asked and features rich, idiomatic language. Furthermore, there are crucial links in each page of the 5000+ word document which explain how the conversation will develop and how you could tailor the oral to what you have studied. Personally, I used these notes to obtain a H1 in French and I can guarantee you that, for half the price of a grind, you could also achieve a H1 and save hours that could be wasted thinking of topics, questions and answers. Instead, you can crucially obtain all the necessary material by studying these high-quality notes. They will allow you to control and ace the important oral exam. Bonne chance:) h1french.com

got 100% in my oral there, didnt use these notes. didnt even have an oral believe it or not
Hi, the junior cert and leaving cert oral examinations 2020 have been cancelled, and all students will be awarded full marks. So, I would say most students are thrilled to hear the news that they have all passed the oral exams :)
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