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Teaching yourself geography

Ive just started in fifth year and i wanted to do spanish, chemistry, physics and geography but i cant do geography in school, ive got a teacher to do a bit of the course with me once a week but from anyone who has studied or is studying geography are you able to teach it to yourself or should i just do a different subject in school. :)

hey so basically im in 6th year at the moment and it is relatively easy. id only suggest it if youve done it for the junior cert as the topics are the same roughly just more in depth. in regards to the project you say youve a teacher to help out one class a week so you should be covered. you should also (if you study geography) go chapter by chapter based on what the geography classes are doing and maybe see if the teacher will share the notes they have. Then if you dont understand you could ask during the class you have with them.
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