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Any tips on Reading Comprehensions?

In the letters and listenings I'm able to get consistent enough H2s which is what I'm hoping for in the exams but my reading comprehensions normally fall into the h4 range. Anyone have any advice on how to improve this? I'd consider my level of German to be very good it's just something about the reading comprehensions that I struggle with. Also I'm planning on doing text 1 if that makes a difference.

For text 1 it is very important to be able to reocgnise all the verbs as they will be in the Imperfekt form. make sure when answering the questions in German you use the correct pronouns [he/she/they etc]. soemtimes yoy may misread a question and lose all your marks as you answered from the wrong perspective [ e.g. it asks for you to answer as if you were the father but you answer as if you were the daughter]. Make sure you change the langauge a bit too - leave out redundant words[e.g. the question is "what time is it?", don't copy from the text and say "it is raining on this sunday afternoon", instaed paraphrase and say "its a sunday afternoon". For q4 of text 1 make sure you indicate whether youre answering under style or language. Try put down as much as you can. Generally for all the questions try put down as much as you can, even if it says to give 3 points, give 4.
theres some really good quizlets if u search leaving cert german common vocab aswell that can help:)
We have loads of time this year so read the tex tand then read all the questions. I've found that the questions in English gi ve away a lot of what happened in the text. After that read it once again and it should be okay. Worst case scenario: the questions give you line numbers so just go to those lines and look for a keyword that appeared in the question.
Also be careful that you answer from the correct part of the text if it says to answer from lines 12-20 only take your answer from those lines
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