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ausserung or grammar

ausserung or grammar better for getting marks?

Whatever suits you personally. I'm not the best at learning grammar terms etc so I'm gonna do the Ausserung section and also because I don't like the long questions at the end of text 1s. But if you learn the grammar and know it well you could do well in the grammar section, It might be best to learn some grammar anyway even if you don't do that bit as it could be useful in the Written Production section.
yeah just learn off the grammar tables and it's way easier to get the marks. Depends on what you're better at, writing long paragraphs or doing multiple-choice questions.
the comprehension for the ausserung is said to be easier ( hope this helps)
It's good to know the grammer anyways for the reading and written, so it's best to have a grasp of the grammer!
I think its very worth doing the cases if the grammar section includes that ,make sure you know them and it can be hard to guess the gender of the word but i have this sheet made for our class that sometimes indicates the gender of the word , if you need it i could email it to you,if youre not interested ,good luck tomorrow :) youll do great
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