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German Section of Comprehension

Anyone know to what extent you answer these? I find it easy enough understanding the text and always tinker around to switch the sentence up so I'm not copying directly from the text, this takes some time. I also find I always write too much, sometimes the text seems a bit ambiguous and it's been designed that way to engineer a certain amount of marks each year, it's irritating. Altogether I'm always short on time because of this. For example in 2013 text 1 which I practiced, I wrote tons about how she'd stay in bed and not answer the phone or post when apparently just saying she stayed at home was literally enough for that entire section, which completely astounded me.

id imagine the maeking scheme is tailored to meet everyone i.e the question before it may have been anwsered terribly, so therefore only one point was needed for the question below to make up the marks or else, this particural question was anwsered poorly and they reduced the points needed.
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