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Leaving Cert 2021 German Exam Predictions

Anyone got any predictions they might want to share? - I don't think that Coronavirus will be mentioned however online learning might be.

online shopping, mental health and media especially for online learning. any other ideas ?
I think maybe technology in the classroom (smart boards, teams etc.) The letter will probably contain something about lockdown (what to do etc) and the effect its had on the country (homelessness, economy etc.) The grammar section is anyones guess to be honest.
I know german is always a paper thats impossible to predit, one of the only papers which you possibly cant predict exactly whats going to come up. its important to know all your grammer tho, not only for the grammer section, but for your written too. hope this helps!
The corona virus and anything to do with that [lockdowns] won't come up. This is becuase it can potentially be triggering for some students. But online learning can come up, it just won't reference covid or the pandemic
idk i thunk probability is coming up tho
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