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Ways to Improve For Listening Exam In German

Anyone have any tips for learning for the listening exam aside from doing the papers? I'm a H1 student in the written paper but my listening skills are really bad. I just struggle to focus when listening to things because it uses just entirely different senses as opposed to reading and writing. Currently I am doing two listening comprehensions twice a week, only listen to German Music right now and am listening to audiobooks of Franz Kafka to improve my listening. I am also listening to German podcasts, also thinking about switching to listening to German news. Is there anything extra I could do just for that extra mile?- I think my main issue is focus when it comes to listening

Also I have really good vocabulary. As I said, main issue is concentration, or even understanding context. If someone doesn't say a word clearly, I can't seem to grasp it at all, even if I know the word.
im no help sorry but do you have any advice for me in general for improving german? you should like you know a good ton. how do i improve in the written exam/in general
Do a reading comprehension at least once or twice a week depending on how bad you are doing. You also need lots of vocabulary too tbh, German is very, very vocabulary intensive compared to most languages. Depends where you want to go, but if you want a H1, I am being serious when I say you will probably need to know a couple to a few thousand words- at least 2500 if you're lucky {Should be more like 3500}, you should be learning new ones each day and revising each week. This late in the game I don't know how you can learn that much, probably try focus on the most important vocab, there's stuff like '1000 Most used words' online, might be able to get a book on it.
Also, don't be afraid to write too much. Write as much as possible, if something so much as seems like an answer- even a bad answer, write it, you never know if it'll be in the marking scheme
@ThepreciseArrow Do you have an email or something, I would like to ask you some things
hey, i watched this youtube channel where they interview random germans all through german ( Im trying to find it, but i cant remember the name) but similar ones are Easy German or German Pod or Get Germanised. Evan Edinger also has 1 or 2 vids all through german, hes gas!
i know this is a bit of topic but what kind of vocabulary would u recomment studyong and from where?
if you are struggling at listening , go back to basics or try a junior cert higher level listening thats what really helped me
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