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2021 HL history predictions ?

does anyone have any idea on predictions ?

Answer three questions from any two topics from the six topics in Section 2: Ireland, and the five topics in Section 3: Europe and the Wider World. This means the following combinations of answers are possible: All three answers from two Irish topics Two answers from one Irish topic and one answer on Europe and the Wider World One answer from one Irish topic and two answers from one European topic.
for ireland maybe the treaty negotiations because its the 100 year anniversary :)
is it not only 2 questions now instead of 3?
no its still 3 questions, two essays and the dbq. 625 points do pretty good predictions
Yeah only 2 needed now
Many are saying the apprentice boys could be somewhere on the exam maybe dbq due to the fact northern ireland became independant on may 3rd 1921, so 100 years ago. Also my teacher says to focus on the montgomery bus boycott for dbq too because of the racial conflict last year and blm movement and the fact it didn't come up last year (instead veitnam did). But just incase atleast look over and study the rest too cause veitnam could come up since only 6,000 history students took the test and it technially wasn't the traditional setting for the leaving cert.
Charlie Chaplin and Seamus Heaney are a lock
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