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2020-2022 Journal Help

so we have moved on to task 2 which is osteoporsis and i need help badly! does anyone have tips so i can use the least amount of space but still have the same good quality of information???

Hi I'm a home economics teacher and have corrected the journals. I give grinds especially for the journals. If you nerd any help just email me on cluanard@gmail.com. I have the 1st two done with my class and have excellent notes too.
Hey, I am in sixth year now and just handed up my journals. I would say keep your writing as small as possible and try and use short snappy sentences instead of long drawn out ones this takes up much more space. Don't leave any blank lines it doesn't look as good. For the investigation you can use lots of websites put in as much info as possible the journal is 20% so there is no point in trying to use the least amount of space it takes alot of time but it is an easy 20% if done right. Theres lots of notes online just type up your assignment and look at the SEC marking schemes. Use a wide range of sources to bulk out your answers.
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