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Home ec exam
cezara Leaving Cert Home Economics S & S — 06/12/18 2

i want to do home ec for leaving cert.What would the exam look like?

Tara_1683 — 05/12/18
the exam is 2 and a half hours, must answer 10 out of 12 short questions, question 1 (long) is compulsory and you must do any other 2 of 5 long questions. then the elective is last, must answer A and B OR C. it is a big exam to fit into 2 and a half hours and the questions cover such a wide range of topics. Leaving cert home ec is so different to junior cert home ec, so make sure you're good at it and you like it so you're ready, but you can always change at the start if you want. I got an A for home ec junior cert and hoping to get a good grade for the leaving, but ill have to work hard. It's work just a warning- so are the all other exams... Best of luck with whatever you choose!
Jay.c — 06/12/18
It is a big change from Junior cert home ec!! A lot of food science which is quite tricky but interesting. I would recommend it but only do it if you going to work.
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