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What’s LC home ec like?

I was wondering what LC home ec is like? Is it similar to jc home ec but just more detail? Is it a good subject for H1s? Anything at all would be greatly appreciated!!

its a great subject to achieve a H1 in if you are willing to put in the work. There is alot to learn but so worth the work.
A lot of work and you have assignments that require a lot of effort but i love it so much and if u consistently put the effort in you can get a h1 but if u let it all pile up then itll be hard
It is very similiar to junior cert, just in a lot more depth.
its just jc home ec with more detail. i do home ec business and biology which is good coz home ec combines business and bio and also theres some coursework which is 20 per cent which is easy so i would recommend
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