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An Triail question Irish !!

For anyone who did the an triail question, did you only talk about the characters who didn't help Maire or did you also mention Maili and Seanin.

is it bad that i only spoke about Padraig, her mum, her brothers and an bean uasal?
the statement only said the people around her refused to help her when she was in need, so I only wrote about the people that refused to help her. I don't think you would've had to write about maili and seanin unless you really felt like it
I wrote about Pádraig/Bean Ui Chathasaigh primarily, but brought in Maili and Seanin at the end to show some contrast, but only because I had the time and the vocab. It definitely won't be something you're marked down for.
i talked about bean ui chathasaigh, bean ui chinsealigh and the scene where the house fell down and all the women were just watching her, i wrote like 5 or 6 lines on maili at the very end
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