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Higher or Ordinary Level Irish

Hi, I'm a TY Student trying to decide my subject choices. This has been weighing in my head lately, but I can't decide if I want to do HL or OL Irish for my leaving cert. I'm a okay student when it comes to Irish, but I absolutely detest it. My grades flucate between B's and C's with an occasion A. I'm never motivated for it and languages in general are my weak points, but I consider that I have a strong work ethic in studying. During 2nd and 3rd I got a really bad Irish teacher that really brought my confidence done on the subject. but now I got a new teacher and my grades have improved. Everyone around me is suggesting me to do OL Irish, but then my irish teacher messed my head that as long as I work hard that I can do well in HL. I'm hoping to do Medicine for college, and because of that I'm worried that I won't be able to get enough points for it. My other subjects are going to be English, Maths, French, Chemistry, Biology and Accounting. I feel like I am going to do OL Irish, to be honest but I'm scared that I will regret my choice. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? I'm so confused.

As someone that also doesn't like the subject, don't decide just yet. Give HL a try until after 5th year christmas exams and then consider. Its not roo bad a subject to do well in if you have a basic understanding of the language. Prose and poetry is graded largely on the points you give rather than how good your Irish is. The oral is 40% so if you can present yourself well on the day and speak a lot you should be fine. Don't drop yet, the points aren't worth it. Opt for a H5 rather than an 01, they dont really give out 01's too much! Much easier to clinch a h5 and you might surprise yourself and get a high enough grade. I wanted to drop last year cause it can be heavy but now i'm looking at a H2. Put your head down and stick with it, especially if you're trying to get medicine!
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