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What to learn in one night?!
Rebeccaxox Leaving Cert Irish — 14/06/16 4

What should I learn for paper 2?!

LIAMBBALL — 13/06/16
1) All characters for An Triail - you can do any question around characters 2) Gnathrud and Oisin I dtir na nog (personal predictions) 3) greibheann no Ghra sa and an tearrach thiar KNOW THE POETS BACKGROUND
Rebeccaxox — 13/06/16
I don't do an Triall�� Know a tiny bit on gnáthrud and kinda know géibheann�� I'm so scared�� And haven't a clue what to do for q6 b����
lucy8817 — 13/06/16
for HL or OL?
Rebeccaxox — 14/06/16
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