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l.C HL Maths, how to get a H1?

Any advice on achieving a H1 in Leaving cert maths?, I'm currently in 5th year and I want to do really well in Maths.

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Idk, dont have a social life?
when doing work dont overly focus on doing a huge quantity of work, just make sure you understand the mechanics of how things work. look at exercises and ask yourself which ones look most difficult and give them a shot and if you really havent a clue look at more basics and make sure you get them first. some stuff will look awful at fist but just dont overcomplicate them, know how it works and you'll be fine
Michael made a great point there, but if I were to add to his comment, I would say first of all enjoy the year, and secondly let me tell you how I learn Maths. When the teacher is taking down the problem, I absorb what she says, taking notes (arrows pointing to certain parts of the question) about why this part is like this. It saves time when studying and allows you to nearly go back to that exact moment, because you made your mark on the problem. Do not be afraid to ask questions, if you don't get something that is OK! H1 students haven't had it easy... Also, try to achieve a good teacher student relationship as that will help prior to the exam and also just for putting your mind at ease. Do exam questions related to the topic you're studying to assess yourself. Also, your logs table is your best friend! :)
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