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Logs are so hard!!
naxmax9 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 12/12/18 18

we are doing it in maths and im completely lost..

thatguyadityaa — 08/11/18
Duuuuude, it's literally been one of the most easiest things for my class to do (andwe SUCK), is your teacher just bad at explaining them or you just cant wrap your head around them?
lilannila — 08/11/18
i cant do them either and i have a test in them tomz fml
Chidera_86 — 08/11/18
Isnt logs like this never done the chpt yet but i think i understand due to a youtube video on logathirim. Loga=b lets say a is the base lets rearange this to a exponent log3=6. Let make 6 X log3=x log3^2 =6. I think my method is trash
Chidera_86 — 09/11/18
Sorry ment to say log3=9 x=9 log3^2=9
ingridd — 10/11/18
They’re sort of confusing at first but like everything in Maths, you’ll get better with practise. If you’re completely lost, ask your teacher, that’s what they’re there for.
Orla_fennelly — 27/11/18
they are confusing try to focus on application word problems to revise and not ages on the logs rules as they are seldom tested.
alisas1612 — 28/11/18
you need a good understanding of the indices chapter, because logs are similar to them and build on that
xDxDxD — 28/11/18
dazybabes121 — 28/11/18
listen when i did them i was hella confused but when you keep praticing you start to get comfortable with them. Don't worry
Sadhbh_dowling — 03/12/18
hey guys i can honestly relate so much to your struggles feel free to messsge me if you hsve problems!
Sadhbh_dowling — 03/12/18
:ox: :innocent::money_mouth:
TonyClarke — 03/12/18
this sentence will change your life:log B to base a means the power which you must raise a by to produce B e,g log of 100 to base 10 = 2 cause you must raise 10 by a power of 2 to produce 100.Therefore if log x to base a = y then a to power of y =x
smithmizer — 05/12/18
When you see a log you read it like "log Y to the base A is equal to X". What this means is A^X = Y. (This symbol '^' means raised to a power.) So A raised to what power (X) is equal to Y? Log 9 to the base 3 is equal to X. What power do you put 3 to, to get 9? You raise it to 2. Because 3^2 is equal to 9. This may seem confusing in words but it isn't. The little number beneath the log is the number you are raising to the power. The number on the other side of the equals sign is the actual power. The number exactly after the log and before the equal sign is the answer you get when you raise the little number to the opposite number. Sometimes you might get log x to the base 2 is equal to 4. All you do here is, right down 2^4 = X. Put 2^4 into your calculator and that is what X is. Sometimes you get log 25 to the base x is equal to 5. Write out x^5 is equal to 25. Then you just find the fifth root of 25 on your calculator (It's 1.903653939).
Cian Barry
Cian Barry — 05/12/18
OL dont do logs for the leaving Certificate syllabus. Worth considering .
Breege Duffy
Breege Duffy — 05/12/18
u could use the formulas booklet that u get in the exam some of the formulas are there.
harryswan02 — 05/12/18
@thatguyadityaa nice profile, stop showing off
Chidera_86 — 06/12/18
haryswan leave thatguyadityaa alone he can have any profile pick he choses to have stop been a douche bag.
thatguyadityaa — 12/12/18
@Chidera_86, thanks. @harryswan02, exactly how am I showing off, care to elaborate?
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