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Opinions pls

Hi guys, im doing my leaving cert this year and im absolutely terrible at maths. like at average im a H5 student and im rlly looking to improve it. currently im doing grinds once a week and its helping but not to the extent that i want. i dont know what to do to improve my results!!! like should i do exam paper questions and try to learn how to do maths from that or is there another way i can improve by myself???

exam paper questions, especially on topics you are unsure. Be able to identify where you can improve in maths, write out some notes that work for you to help you bettter understand, then practice, practice, practic. And be sure to ask for help from a teacher or grinds teacher if you are unsure and going wrong somewhere but don't know where.
u just do Qs all d time amd just keep doing em, ull master em and easily get a H3, have a plan too, it helps, best of luck
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