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I am awful at music. Should I drop it?

5th year here. I got a C in HL JC Music and I was delighted. I decided to keep it on because of the practical element being such a high percentage of the grade. I suck at it. I hate it with a passion. I don't fully understand what the teacher is talking about. Harmony, Mozart and Berlioz are okay. I think the rest of the set works will be fine too and I will do well enough in the practical. I thought this would be enough for me to survive higher level. I find melody writing quite hard. But my teacher keeps hinting at people to do ordinary level and I think she wants me to consider it. I will not. It is simply not an option as I am doing OL Maths and Irish. I am doing PolSoc to make up for it so if I did ordinary there would be no point. My points range is about 490-550. I'm not even worst in the class as there are people who did OL for JC. I refuse to do OL under any circumstance. I average about 50-60% in class tests. I emailed my teacher with these concerns back in November or so but she just gave me extra hw to do. I don't even understand the corrections she gives me, it's like a foreign language! But it is too late to swap. What should I do?? Should I look into getting grinds? All I want is a H4 or even a H5. Is this possible with hard work? Please help!

i honestly think you can achieve the h4/h5. really work on your practical and try your best with everything - the melody is just one small bit of it
if you missed some fundamental music theory things the compositions could be tougher than they should be, but that can be fixed with online music theory classes/videos. As for set works, berlioz and mozart are by far the hardest so if you're okay at them youll be good with the beatles and seachanges (or whatever your relavant ones are). If youre only struggling with compositions and you have the practicals and set works down you're doing better than you think, especially if you're only in 5th year, in my opinion
I was confident in my abilities in music until I got a new teacher this year. She told us yesterday that if we are not getting 70+ in class tests, we should not be doing HL :/ IDC! Your replies have reaffirmed this confidence. Thanks a bunch, I will definitely work on my basic theory and focus on nailing my practical and set works :D
It’s early days to be deciding on levels- some students don’t fully get the hang of melodies until around Christmas of 6th year. Sometimes it can take a wile for it to ‘click’- even a late as the end of 6th year for the tricky melodies. Bear in mind you haven’t covered the whole course yet, so it’s hard to kow how you’d get on a the revision stage. Keep working away, and it may be worth getting one or two grinds here and there just so you feel comfortable with the parts of the course you find difficult. Good luck, and don’t give up yet!
i think you can really achieve h4/h5 i can provide u my notes for melod writing if u want if it helps
the difference between getting a 60 and a 80 is minimal effort for music. Statistaccly the easiest subect to do well in. Dont drop it
The composition paper is only worth 25% maybe if you focused on the practical and the listening you could get a H4/H5. But i wouldn't drop if i were you.
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