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Is it possible to learn most of the music course in a week?
taia.gordei Leaving Cert Music — 17/06/16 8

I've way more important things to study and I have a week to study Music before it's on

MinionHypnosis — 20/05/16
If you've done your practicals then you should be fine to learn it in a week :P the most important stuff anyway
taia.gordei — 22/05/16
I appreciate your input :) haha
Billy_4126 — 23/05/16
Definitely, I would learn how to do the writing section perfectly(which is very possible) and then wing the listening which again is very possible haha
Niamhoooconnor — 29/05/16
yes definitely but i would recommend every night while relaxing or whatever just listening through all your set works, will really make a difference! like even taking one piece a night,
Ciara McMenamin
Ciara McMenamin — 01/06/16
Just make sure you can identify each of the themes in each work :)
taia.gordei — 03/06/16
I appreciate all your answers lads! Good luck with all of your exams!
Zoe Koulianou
Zoe Koulianou — 04/06/16
Ye that's what I'm doing haha
Elaine170997 — 17/06/16
That's what I'm doing, I've an exam Monday and from then on I'm studying music
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