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Higher level physics qs

Is it bad if im not able to do all of the hl questions in physics yet for the topics we've covered? Because there are some questions i dont know how to do even though we're pretty much finished the chapter. By the way I'm in fifth year.

Hello, no it doesn't mean that at all. Don't panic yet, you're only in fifth year. To be honest with you, the problem with people when they do physics is they panic too much, because they don't practice exam papers in fifth year. I'm only speaking for those I know. It doesn't really matter until sixth year, but because you're in fifth year, please try and take advantage of an early opportunity to get on top of that revision. Learn each chapter individually, make a list of the bits you don't understand and show them to your teacher. Practice exam questions: that's what my very useful and very nice physics teacher told me. You'll only get better from then. Don't be afraid to get in touch, my email is adamcorrosweeden@gmail.com. All the best to you.
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