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how do you know which one is clockwise and anticlockwise, i always get them wrong.

the left weight going downwards is anticlockwise, the way you can visualise it is by imagining the left side of the ruler going downwards like a hand on a clock, if you could imagine it going from 45 to 40 ie it going anticlockwise and it you have a weight upwards on the left it is going clockwise as it is opposite to the one going down. This now means that the right side going down is clockwise and the right weight upwards is anticlockwise
ok so lets say you have a stick balancing on your finger and theres a snail on the right hand side of it (stick with me here). Because the snail is causing the stick to go down on the right hand side its a clockwise "moment" because thats the way a clocks hands move. basically just imagine that the metre stick or whatever the question is referring to is sitting on your hand and if its dipping left the anticlockwise moments are greater than the clockwise and if it dips right the clockwise are greater than the anticlockwise. i hope that makes sense bahaha
even tho physics is done, i actually get it now, thank God it didnt come up lol, thanks everyone!!
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