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physics as extra subject

hi, im in 5th year and just came in through 3rd year, so havent got my results back yet. i find that hl maths requires a lot of work and considering dropping to ol and taking physics as an 8th subject. anyone here doing it as an extra subject or just taking it? what do you think of it?

I do it during school & tbh it’s definitely 1 of the longer course option subjects so I wouldn’t recommend doing it outside school unless you really loved it (which im guessing u mightn’t since u dont do it already)
stick with higher maths it gets easier , work hard ! Physics is much easier with higher level maths due to the large portion of the exam being numbers based
i think physics would be a good extra subject honestly. The course isn't too long but it takes a lot of understanding. Put in work in 5th year and you'll be fine honestly! Try getting material for the optics chapter, see if you find it easy to wrap your head around it (id say thats one of the easier topics) if you find it impossible then I wouldn't recommend you continuing! But give it a good try first.
Maths certainly doesn't get easier, but that doesn't mean it's hard to begin with... Whatever!
honestly if your good at physics your better off dropping something else not math
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