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difference between higher and ordinary spanish ?

I am in 6th year and have been in an ordinary spanish class since 5th as the class is an extra subject for college language entry requirement. Would it be doable for me to take the higher level paper if i practiced the higher level questions and possibly got spanish grinds? is there much of a difference between higher and ordinary? I could do with another higher level for points but dont want to take it on if it will be too much.

Going off of french i would say there is quite a gap. This might be different in Spanish. I would recomend trying a few papers and mark them and compare them to your OL scores and go by points then
i dropped from higher to ordinary in sixth year and the differnce is HUGE. I got an O1 in spanish and was failing higher level. Higher is so much more attention to detail, 100 times vocab needed and more verb tenses
As a 6th year in HL Spanish I can say there's definitely a big gap. Like I'm struggling to even maintain a H4/5. You can see the difference if you compare a OL paper and a HL paper. Verbs is more intensified as you need them for the essay and the dialogue. Then the listening is also much harder than the OL. I would say that it would probably worth your time just stay in OL but I wouldn't say that it's impossible if you wanted to do it.
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