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Help on the layout of the exam & topics

Spanish is my first language and ill be doing it for the leaving cert, but my school doesnt run it so im not able to study it in school. I was just wondering what the layout of the exam is like and what is needed to study. I have no idea what the exam and oral are like, although I done the Junior Cert and that was pretty easy because you dont need much preparation. I checked the exam papers and im not sure if we have to learn a literature piece (Sin noticias de Gurb), since it comes up in the first part every year.. Also does anyone know any good websites that help with the layout of the notes/ letters/ diary entries/ opinion pieces. I might most of know the vocab needed but im not sure how much I’m required to write. Any help at all will be really appreciated since i have no idea what is needed for the test :/

I have an IGTV on this on my teaching account @mslenslanguages :)
http://misclaseslocas.blogspot.com/ i dont know if youd like this, but here you go!
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