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How to study for Spanish Essay ?

Been studying Spanish for 3 years now and I still struggle with trying to write an essay. Any tricks or tips would be appreciated ?

dont study for spanish just wing it
I would say try keep it simple, brainstorm ideas before you do it, make sure you are answering the question and maybe learn off some phrases on certain topics that you could put in
try keep it short, you dont need to write as much as you think. the more you write the more chances of you making mistakes. keep it to max 1 A4 page.
The aim of the opinion piece is to get your opinion across, make your language simple and accurate, use a range of tenses and lots of different vocab, I would try to use spanish proverbs (To make you sound more fluent) and learn a stock intro and outro. Also stick to the title (dont go off on tangents). Also, maybe link some current affairs into your answer more impressive, good luck
how was your spanish exams?
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