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I am a 6th year student who has never done a language as it was not compulsory in my school. I feel the need to take up a language outside of school as i dont want to be limited for colleges. I heard spanish might be easy to take up but i dont know if it will be possible. any sugestions?

Unless you're native it's a pretty big ask to pick up a language, considering most people taking the exam have done it for the Junior Cert too, meaning they actually have a 4-5 year advantage over you.
maybe you should take up russian or japanese since you cant do them for the junior cert, as far as i know there are free classes for these subjects in Dublin for 5th and 6th years
I have been living in Spain 4 years now, before moving here I had no spanish (for that resaon I dropped out of school and studied the LC from home). Spanish is an extremely difficult language to learn in one year. Im still not billingual after 4 years and I sat Higher level Spanish this year in june and I recieved a H1 but when I looked at the break down of the grading system, I got a 93%. I did good but I also live here. I advise you against Spanish but if you need help, I can send you some writings and the dialouges for the speaking and I advice you to practise and study alot.
go for it
I was able to pick up a competent level of spanish in one year i started studying it with a teacher outside school in TY but i had studied italian for 4 years beforehand and had a good amount of exposure to spanish beforehand also(music and tv, spanish students etc). It's ultimately up to you I did not find it impossible or daunting like some others on this thread but if you want to learn it go for it. But don't think it would be impossible, if you want to do it and are dedicated to it it is entirely possible. May i also recommend learning italian if it would be an option for you as i found it to be a very beautiful and welcoming language as my first language to learn. Most people disregard it but there are over 65 million italian speakers in Europe alone, think about it. Hope you can work things out, buena suerte!
I've studied Spanish since 1st year and, even now in 5th year, I am essentially struggling with it. I had no background with it beforehand and I still am learning it distantly; all the exposure I get is at school and nowhere else. It really all depends on you, your interest and drive to learn Spanish and @Alanmal12 and @EmmaWright have explained their background with Spanish really helped - which really makes sense to me and my experiences. I would recommend you take up a language that doesn't assume Junior Cert knowledge like Japanese or Italian... because the assumptions in Spanish, French and German are high! But it's really all about your desire and motivation to learn Spanish. You will need to put in more than twice the work as other people, but it is not impossible :)
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