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Starting Spanish in 5th year

hi so im in TY and im choosing subjects for the LC. I chose french for the JC because my dad is french so i could already speak it. i plan on doing courses studying languages in college which would involve me doing french at an advanced level and then starting spanish at beginner level. My question is should i just not bother with starting spanish now because its too late or do u think i could catch up?

Tu peux apprendre l'espagnol si tu as un interet pour cette langue. Je te recommande que tu trouve quelqu'un qui parle comme sa langue maternelle et tu peux le faire cela. Ca depend si tu peux apprendre les langues super faciles ou pas, puisque chaque langue est unique. C'est pas trop tard pour apprendre une nouvelle langue!
french and spanish are very similar in structures and vocabulary so if you are fluent in one, it should not be hard to learn the other one. if you are prepared to put up with lots of work, in your case it is doable. you could prepare it at least to an ordinary level and probably to a higher level with support. it depends how commited you are. but because you already know french to a high level, spanish should be doable. Buena Suerte!
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