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Any one else overwhelmed?

Im only in my first month of 5th year and im in a new school as we moved. My friends back home seem to be getting way less work than i am. I feel like i never have time for the work i get home st four and work till nine and i dont have time to study ever. I thought i was okay but i realised this morning how stressed,sick and tired I really am. I feel awful and I dont know what to do. I never have time for the work im getting snd i cant talk to my friends because they try help but im getting substantially more than them . Anyone else like this? I have lots to do but i cant stop crying and cant make myself move or work. I do already struggle woth bad mental health but this feels different.

probably take breaks cus if you cant physically do work then u cant do it like maybe talk to ur teachers cus unless they are the devil they will understand, the same shit happened to me last year and my teachers were helpful
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