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Help I don't know what to study
Laurens23 The Leaving Cert — 05/06/17 2

I'm so far behind and I'm starting to panic and I've no idea where to begin what are the most important things to study I'm doing English Irish French Biology History Art all higher level and ordinary level maths

Yasmine146 — 05/06/17
Well start with English paper 2,go over hamlet learn quotes,move on to poetry and study Boland,Plath,Durcan and another poet loosely,write a comparative essay on theme or gv&v.For biology make sure you know Ecolgy,human reproduction,the Nervous system,plant reproduction and genetics,for Irish learn a general essay on poverty,terrorism,points system,brexit (have a paragraph on each!) and make sure you know hurlamaboc,geibhean an gnathrud and mo ghra sa ��
Ameda_16 — 05/06/17
Omg thank you do you do history and home. Ec yasmine
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