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How much should I study?
Markd302 The Leaving Cert4

I have just started in 5th year and I am unsure on the amount of study I should be doing this year. I am aiming for around 450 points in the Leaving Cert. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Look, often times, people say "oh study for hours a day every day including weekends", nonsense. Do as much as required. What works for me is studying five days of the week, usually taking at least one weekday and one day of the weekend off. I find that doing 40 minutes a day five times a week works well for me, since doing that I've improved in many areas. I'm getting quite high grades in at least 5 or 6 subjects, so I'm happy enough with that. Yeah, but definitely try and aim for possibly 5 hours of study a week if you can. If you have exam papers for certain subjects, be looking over that and read ahead of the class. Start a chapter you've not done yet in class so that you'll be on top of it all. And try to get enough sleep. Don't stay up until midnight doing a question as I once did. Hope this somewhat helps you out.
You need to study exactly 14.5 hours per week. No more, no less. Like seriously, it should be obvious you just study what you need to know.
Do as much as you need, everybody's different. Draw up a plan on the computer, print it out and try to stick to it. Be disciplined. Say you'll do a minimum of 5 hours a week. I wouldn't exceed those hours anymore than 10 (if you're really looking to do very well). Stay focused and you'll be fine. Take it from someone who is doing well.
Kind of repeating what others are saying here, but yes I'd also recommend as much as you need. I study anything I have done in school that day that I didn't understand, or go over some hard to grasp concepts. Homework can prove to be quite helpful in studying, particularly with maths
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