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How screwed am I if i havent started studying yet?
Jinklehoe The Leaving Cert2

Im in 6th year and i literally have no motivation to study nor any idea what i want to do after the LC. Any help guys? :)

I was the same. I'm in a gap year currently and realised what I wanted within 2 months of being in real world. My best advice is get the best possible points you can, take a year out working in something you think you might even have the slightest possible interest in, I.E. pharmacy, and reapply for CAO in 2022. As for motivation, I was in competition with my siblings and cousins to beat them. I can't say it was the healthiest, but I ended up with 613 so. Try set a goal for your points and use that as your motivation instead of a career. I know its so difficult. I was so against a gap year and ended up in a course I absolutely hated. I dropped out within a week and then I finally found what I wanted. You're not screwed but you need to get tough with yourself. Theres 6 full months until exams start. I know you can do it. Goodluck!
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