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Starry night
How to find time to study??? HELP PLEASE

I'm in 6th year and aiming for 550 points, my problem is I never have time to study. My teachers keep piling on homework and it takes up any time I could use to study. I don't know how I'm going to get any revision done for anything. I feel like revision at the weekends won't be enough. Help please?

try waking up early and getting an hour or two in before you have to get ready for school, if you get into school before class starts keep the smallest bits of homework till then.
Starry night
@Darceyab2001 i already wake up early to finish homework and I always get a few pages of Irish to learn a night
try ask your teachers for less HW...just say you cant hack it all
Its your leaving cert. You need to tell your teachers that you are prioritising learning off the course content over the homework. If this is a problem, get your parents to write a note saying this (if you are under 18). prioritise all yur work and you should have enough time. especially if you wake up early and do work straight after school
Remember that homework often helps with revision, however if you think it's just a waste of time then ask your teachers to give you less or tell them you need to focus on study instead.
Wake up early to finish homework is a bad thing. Your homework should be done right after school. And then you can revise before bed or in the mornings/weekends.
If the teacher is nice, say you can't do it because theres just way too much, or try finishing homework at shcool during lunch. I legit have the same problem and well..... my sleep schedule was always weird so sometimes i just work to get sleepy and then i sleep. Or I just don't bother doing homework if i know i dont need to do it and/or the teacher will never check it anyway.
mosy of my teachers say the learning hw is more unportant then the writing. Do the learning first then the writing. I never even do my homework i wait till the next day and do it in the morning and ar break/lunch
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